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Repairs are not scary for us, so we carry them out visually beautifully and technically correctly

Our team consists of designers, decorators, planners, builders, buyers and furniture makers. We work in every cities of Bangladesh. We come for measurements and supervision. Post-warranty service is provided for in the contract. We provide premium quality repairs at market prices.

Moreover, the prices for the services of an interior designer are quite commensurate with the benefits received, because it is the designer who will save your precious time by preparing all the necessary design documentation for the start of the renovation, and will save you from a lot of doubts and headaches about what and how best to plan.

By contacting Mechanix, you will receive the services of professional interior designers at reasonable prices; we will develop for you a unique design project taking into account your wishes in the shortest possible time. Our designers will come to your site at a convenient time to conclude a contract and measure the premises.

Experienced Professionals

We have been working on the interiors of not only private but also public spaces for more than 10 years. When planning a renovation, be sure to order a design project so that your home becomes a reflection of your individuality, pride and strength, in which you are always comfortable and cozy.

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Complete design project
Author's supervision
Technical design project
Design project - Planning solution
Management and equipment
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Wide Range Of Interior Services

Full range of services

from design project development to turnkey implementation management.

All projects are led personally by the chief designer

All projects in our studio are led personally by chief designer. We do not outsource the development of design projects to third-party designers.

Knowledge of the materials and furniture market

More than 10 years of experience in the market. Communication in professional communities. Regular visits to exhibitions and master classes from suppliers.

Budget accounting

When selecting finishing materials, furniture and equipment, we take into account the client’s budget.

Discounts from suppliers

We provide discounts on materials, furniture, equipment and lighting from suppliers.

Clear drawings

All design drawings are made correctly and are understandable to any qualified builder.

Official contract and staged payment

Conclusion of an official contract indicating the scope of work, cost and timing. Staged payment for services.

Competent planning and reporting

Extensive experience in maintaining consolidated work schedules for builders and contractors on site, as well as schedules for the delivery of equipment and materials. Maintaining a payment record (plan/actual).

Photos of completed objects in the portfolio

The presence of photographs of completed objects in the portfolio is the best confirmation that the customers were satisfied with the work performed by the designer.

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Mechanix has been designing and implementing individual design solutions for more than 10 years. Over the years, we have created more than 100+ exteriors for various objects.